Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Shortly after arriving in Jacksonville, Sister Nunes encountered some medical issues that could not  be treated in the Mission field. She returned home to address those issues in preparation to return. The time frame of this is unknown but her intent is to return in six to twelve months as medical clearance allows. She is determined to resolve her health in order to reach her full potential as a servant of the Lord. She is steadfast in doing whatever necessary to fulfill her call as a full time missionary.

We did not have time to receive many letters or photos. As she settles, she will post her experiences both in the MTC and the mission field. Also, she will continue to post about her journey to return to serve, including her growth in the Gospel and educating others about the illness that delayed her work in the building of God's Kingdom. 

She is strong, faithful, obedient and determined with an eye single to God. Please continue your support and prayers on her behalf. 


  1. I love you, Abbi! And I know that you can get through this. xoxo

  2. Sister Nunes!!
    This is Sister Smith (your MTC teacher) :) I ran into Elder Solomon the other day(crazy story lol) and he told me you were home. I tried typing you into Facebook to message ya but this came in the search instead. I hope you are doing well and want you to know that I love ya. You are such a strong girl and know that you can overcome any challenge. I knew you for such a short time, but I feel confident in that. I would love to hear from you! If you have a facebook my name is under Rebekah Smith. Or email rbekah23@gmail.com LOVE YOU A MILLION

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